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ARCADIA Cardano Stake Pools: Reliable, Secure, and Proven in the Incentivized Testnet
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The Crypto Revolution is Now. What is Cardano? Learn what Cardano is, why it was created, and who the people are behind the project. Learn More What is Proof of Stake? Learn what a stake pool is and does, why it is necessary, and how "proof of stake" works. Read More What is Arcadia? Read about the people behind Arcadia, our vision for the future, and the infrastructure we're built on. Get to Know Us What is Saturation? Cardano implements a protection against delegators creating a few MEGA stake pools which would defeat the goal of decentralization. How does this work? More Info How safe is it? Learn about the stabilities and instabilities of crypto assets, the delegation process, and encryption. Check It Out How do I get started? Find out how to begin your adventure with cryptocurrency. Will you join the new revolution, the crypto revolution? Learn More

Slide Show me how to delegate! You know what you're doing and why you're here. Perhaps you already own Cardano and want to put it to work earning you rewards. Whatever the case may be, you just want to cut right to the point and start staking in the Cardano Shelley mainnet. Great! Just click below.... Get Started

Arcadia WE DID IT! We are simply ecstatic that both of our pools were able to mint blocks for this very important and historic epoch for Cardano! For our delegators, these blocks will insure that you receive your full staking rewards on August 23rd, Continue Reading Arcadia How to Create Your First Wallet in Daedalus Today we uploaded a new instructional video to our YouTube channel. This video walks you through setting up your first wallet in Daedalus. Whether you are brand new to the crypto space or a seasoned veteran, we think this video Continue Reading Arcadia We're on YouTube! Yes! Today is a big day for Arcadia Stake Pools! We published our first ever YouTube video. It is an instructional video on how to download and install the Daedalus wallet for Windows 10. We are excited to be on Continue Reading Arcadia ...And Now for Something Completely Different! What a difference a day makes. Up until last evening, I was expecting that tomorrow (Saturday) would bring the first stakepool-forged blocks to the Shelley-era. That was the official plan too, as communication from Input-Output Global (IOG) had Continue Reading blue and pink ballons Arcadia Realistic Expectations for the Start of Shelley Mainnet (Part 4) The last couple entries in this series have been a bit technical, so today we're going to talk about a difference between the Incentivized Testnet (ITN) and the new Shelley mainnet that is less technical, but will still have a Continue Reading

A Foundation to Promote the Wider Adoption of Cardano Input-Output Global, the company currently contracted to build Cardano An Organization Promoting Cardano Arcadia operates Cardano stakepools Home of the Ada Cryptocurrency
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