We are online and ready!

Our ITN pools are online and running!

I just wanted to drop a brief post today to let visitors to our site know that we are online and operational as a Shelley testnet stake pool. We are in this for the long haul, so please check out our website and consider delegating to Arcadia (ticker: ADAMS). At the moment, we do not yet have enough delegated ada to consistently win block leader positions for each Epoch. Until that happens we may not produce a block for several days, and so there will be no rewards allotted if we do not forge a new block. This does not mean that we are an inactive pool or have poor performance. All it means is that we’re currently a small pool. But, don’t underestimate us – we are ready to earn rewards for you. In the meantime, our node will be working hard to disseminate the blockchain to wallets and other pools while we wait for our chance to shine.


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