Welcome to Arcadia. I have a PhD in physics with a minor in mathematics and computer science. While science is my first passion, I also am a linux systems administrator and daily use scientific computing for my research. Cryptocurrencies have been of interest to me since 2017, and I am very excited to help advance the Cardano project by setting up and running a stake pool. My promise to you is that if you delegate to Arcadia, you can have peace of mind that you have delegated your stake to a pool that is watched over carefully and will reliably produce blocks for the slots it has been assigned. I have pledged my entire holdings of Ada, the Cardano cryptocurrency, to this pool, so I am fully dedicated to its success. My name is Adrian.
Our Vision and Mission
Arcadia is devoted to advancing liberty. Our vision at Arcadia is that projects like Cardano will eventually bring stable financial services to the entire world. Those who live in areas where there is little to no economic stability might finally be freed from tyrannical or corrupt centralized control of their markets and property. The rest of the world will also benefit by having the ability to trade with people and places previously inaccessible. Our hope is to see disadvantaged individuals lifted out of poverty and receive the individual liberties that will naturally follow with access to a more stable economic system. We know it's just a dream right now, but this is why we are helping to advance Cardano and other like-minded projects. If you share a similar vision, we hope you will join us and stake with Arcadia.

We want to run a reliable and trusted staking node to contribute to the decentralized structure of Cardano's Proof-of-Stake architecture. Our first priority to you, as a delegator to Arcadia, is to help you receive as many rewards as possible for participating with us in this project. So, our pool returns 98% of your earnings to you with ZERO FIXED FEE taken off the top.
We want to see more freedom around the world.
Our Infrastructure
Arcadia is Built on Highly Advanced Infrastructure. The Arcadia stake pool server is hosted with a company that provides us with a 99.99% uptime service level agreement. If anything goes wrong at our hosting partner's data center, we have the assurance that an entire team of IT professionals will be working around the clock to fix any hardware or networking issues. In the meantime, Arcadia will continue operations with failover support from our backup location. Our team here at Arcadia is instantly notified of any issues either with the hosting provider or with the Jormungandr software that constitutes the Cardano node. We are also notified electronically when there is a new release of the Jormungandr software. We will download, compile, and test a new release of the software for stability on our backup passive node for 24 hours before implementing it on our active node.

We are currently running our active node on a system with best-in-class Intel Xeon processors and 8 GB of dedicated RAM. Once the pool's revenue can support the current operations we have plans to expand the infrastructure. More information about the expansion will be released on our news feed at the appropriate time.
We demand the highest in efficiency and quality.
Checking Up on Us
How Can I Know if Arcadia is Online? We have plans to make several of our server's diagnostics publicly available online to assure our delegators that all is running smoothly. For the moment, we are focused on the day-to-day operations of the pool and collaborating with other pool operators to keep our node running and the network healthy. It is important for you as a delegator to understand that this is a testnet, which means we are beta testing the software releases prior to the mainnet release. There are bugs and problems all of the pools are encountering every day and this will mean unexpected downtime, upgrades, and reboots. Please know that we will be on top of all of these events.

For the present time, we recommend that you check out our pool's stats on the website, pooltool.io (search ADAMS). We update the blockHeight of our copy of the blockchain with pooltool.io every minute. Pooltool reports this stat for every Cardano stake pool, and this is one way you can be assured we are hard at work. If you are a delegator and are concerned that there may be a problem with the pool's status, please send us a message via our contact page. We are notified immediately by instant messaging if our server goes offline. If we are experiencing extended trouble, we will post it in our site's news feed.
You don't just have to take our word for it.
Check us out on Pooltool.io
We Want to Hear From You. Do you have something on your mind? Whether it is advice, a question, a complaint, or a compliment, we want to hear it. How can we make our website better? How can we improve our staking service to you? What are we doing wrong, or what are we doing right from your perspective. We can't do anything about it if no one tells us. So, we need your feedback. We're interested in what you have to say.
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