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Some Cardano Updates

Some new things are always brewing at Input-Output Global (IOG), the developer of the Cardano ecosystem. Let’s take just a few moments to catch up on some important updates. … Read More

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Cardano’s Alonzo Hard Fork: September 12, 2021

Smart contracts on Cardano are almost here, and we couldn’t be more excited! … Read More

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We Are Ready for the Mary Hardfork!

The upcoming Mary hardfork for Cardano (planned for March 1) is part of the Goguen-era upgrades and will transform Cardano from a single asset ledger to a multi-asset ledger. Arcadia’s infrastructure is already running the Mary-compatible software and will support the operation of these new, native, user-defined, and user-issued assets. … Read More


Both of Arcadia’s Cardano Stakepools, ADAMS & TESLA, have minted a block for the first decentralized Shelley epoch! … Read More

How to Create Your First Wallet in Daedalus

If you want to setup a new wallet in Daedalus, we’ve just uploaded a video to our YouTube channel that walks you through the entire process. … Read More

We’re on YouTube!

Today, we published our first YouTube video. We look forward to creating more content! … Read More

…And Now for Something Completely Different!

There has been an important late-breaking change to the plans about how the decentralization parameter should be decremented. Read on to get up-to-date with the new plan…. … Read More

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Realistic Expectations for the Start of Shelley Mainnet (Part 4)

I continue my series that compares Shelley mainnet staking with the former incentivized testnet and what implications the differences have for mainnet staking. … Read More

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Realistic Expectations for the Start of Shelley Mainnet (Part 3)

We’ve just made it through an important event, the end of the first Shelley-era epoch. What does this mean and what’s coming up next? Read on to find out! … Read More

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Realistic Expectations for the Start of Shelley Mainnet (Part 2)

Stay ahead of the game by learning these important facts about the Shelley mainnet. … Read More

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