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More About Arcadia

Are there any fees associated with your stake pool?

We currently charge a fixed fee of 250 ADA per Epoch to cover the expenses of our operation. This fee is paid only from the rewards the pool earns and is taken out by the Cardano algorithm before rewards are distributed to delegators and pool operators. For example, if the pool earns no rewards during an Epoch then no fee is assessed. You will never be asked to pay any fee from your own wallet.

What percentage of the rewards will I earn by delegating to your Stake Pool?

Delegators receive 90% of the rewards that their delegated stake earns, after the fixed fee (see above) is removed. The reward is paid out to the delegators by the Cardano algorithm itself directly to your rewards wallet. The Stake Pool is never in possession of your cut of the rewards.

Why shouldn't I just delegate to the largest pool?

Cardano is a unique platform that aims to decentralize the control of its blockchain. By delegating your stake to only the largest pools, you are essentially defeating one of the main goals the creators of Cardano set out to achieve. Decentralization protects your ADA assets by never giving one group or organization too much power over the blockchain. In order to incentivize delegators to leave large pools, the rewards paid to a pool begin to saturate once a pool controls a certain percentage of the total staked ADA. Currently, the rewards a pool earns saturate once the pool controls more than 1% of all staked ADA. If you delegate to one of these pools, you will not increase the amount of rewards the pool earns, but instead each delegator to that pool will start receiving less reward. If this were not done, then a few pools would eventually swallow up the smaller ones and lock out any new pools.

Why is your pool named Arcadia?

Arcadia is the name given to the Hellenized conception of a land of blissful, idyllic tranquility. It recalls the perfection of the biblical Eden prior to the Fall of Man and the hope than humans will one day realize that peace. We have formed this stake pool as a way to contribute to the advancement of Cardano, which is founded on principles and a philosophy we share. We believe in a secure financial system that is protected from centralized control. Decentralization gives you individual freedom to use your currency however you wish and no one can ban you from buying or selling, steal your funds, or artificially inflate the money supply to socialize the debts of nations or organizations considered too big to fail. Additionally, we envision that in the future some cryptocurrency, perhaps Cardano, might bring enough economic stability to troubled nations so that its citizens might participate in open and free markets thereby increasing global financial security and unlocking wealth that was up to that point controlled by tyrants and despots. If these ideas seem good to you too, we hope you will participate in the Cardano project by delegating with us. It is our hope that by supporting Cardano we can do our part to bring humans a step closer to the peace we imagine when we hear the name, Arcadia.

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