Slide How safe is crypto? Great Question! If you are new to cryptocurrencies you may be wondering how safe they are. There is no single all-encompassing answer to this. Our frank assessment of them is that they are an extremely volatile investment, and you should not buy them unless you are willing to lose that money. You should also be aware that Arcadia is NOT a financial advising website, the owners and operators of Arcadia are not financial advisors, and we make no recommendations as to whether you should start investing in cryptocurrencies including Cardano. You'll need to research those questions elsewhere. Please contact your financial advisor for further information. Also, we want to let you know that Arcadia will never contact you with unsolicited email nor will we ever ask you to transfer Ada or send us the secret keys to your wallet. Regard any such communications as phishing attempts. However, the process of DELEGATION is very safe, and the Ada you delegate to any pool never leaves your wallet or your possession. You should feel perfectly at ease using the delegation centers in either the Daedalus or Yoroi wallets to delegate to stake pools. These wallets are the only tools you should use when delegating for rewards. Remember that staking is currently only operating in testnet at the moment. This means that there is at this time NO staking or delegation for Cardano mainnet coins. You can only participate using testnet Ada and using the special testnet Daedalus and Yoroi rewards wallets. Please see the homepage of Cardano for further information. Back to Arcadia trending_flat Cardano Homepage trending_flat
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