How to Delegate

How to Delegate


Delegating your stake to a staking pool NEVER requires you to send your ADA to a third party.  Anyone asking you to send them your ADA so that they can “stake” it for you is attempting to scam you. You are able to delegate your stake to legitimate stake pools without your ADA ever leaving your own wallet. Arcadia’s stakepools will NEVER ask you to send ADA from your wallet to any address.

Look for Arcadia's "ADAMS" or "TESLA" Stake Pools
(Tickers: ADAMS & TESLA)

Once you have your Shelley mainnet wallet working, (please see below for instructions), go to the delegation section of the wallet and browse the available stake pools for our pools, ADAMS and TESLA.  You should search for our pool using the ticker ID “ADAMS” or “TESLA”. After you make your selection, please be patient as it will take the current Epoch plus the entire next Epoch for your delegation choice to go active on the blockchain. This literally means your delegation choices may not go “live” until the THIRD EPOCH following your selection. In mainnet, each Epoch is five days long, so you may have to wait up to ten days.

Daedalus For the Cardano Shelley Mainnet

Download your Daedalus wallet for the Shelley mainnet here.

Yoroi for the Cardano Shelley Mainnet

The ability to stake on the mainnet with Yoroi light wallet is also available. Some people prefer Yoroi because it does not require a full download of the Cardano blockchain like Daedalus.

Download your Yoroi mainnet wallet here.

Next Steps....


After downloading and installing the Daedalus wallet client, use the wallet restoration functionality to restore your Byron-era wallet and move it to a new Shelley-era wallet. You’ll need to enter the wallet recovery phrase associated with the Byron-era wallet.  You’ll also need to write down the 24 word recovery phrase for your new Shelley-era wallet and create a new spending password.

Once you create a Shelley-era wallet in Daedalus, you’ll gain access to the delegation center where you can view stakepools and make your decisions on which pools to delegate to.

Once you find the list of stake pool in the delegation center section of Daedalus, click on the stakepool to which you would like to delegate and then click the button “Delegate to this pool”.


Yoroi is also compatible with Shelley-era staking. Follow the instructions for Yoroi that can be found on the EMURGO website.

If you have any issues while using the Yoroi rewards wallet, please contact the Yoroi team on the wallet support page.

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